2018 Collection

Cesare Zacchetti / Autumn Winter / Handmade in Italy

Who knows why my favorites. All are wonderful shoes, indeed. But these excite me! Isn’t it? Such a magic design, so beautiful. In any context they gonna be a good friend.

Cinturina’s sister. Certainly a bit more roguish. It goes with everything: a beautiful black, a pink sweater, your favorite jeans or even on a white.

Three pinks: one more brightly, the other more intense and the last cognàc. Perhaps the most soft loafer you have ever tried. With a bit of tan or with a funny tights!

Three different pinks too: she’s also sister of the classic Cognàc&Rosé. Funny and unique as the entire collection. Dedicated to those who joke with the colors and harmonize them with each other.

It seems as to being in a movie, a bit retrò. In any case a good movie. One of those you cannot wait it begin and you feel sorry when it ends.

What a red! Funny, cool and who has Spring’s taste. Just dressed it with a jeans and…have a walk to eat a pizza or to give some color to the darkest days.

The sea. From the deep as well as from the coast. Shoes handmade with unique finishes and colors able to surprise for an unique experience.

Sure! Or, maybe… I cannot understand, but are these flowers printed or embroidered and slightly raised? Yeah! They are embroidered and slightly raised. A beautiful magic.

Wow! As for the “Collefiorito” booties. Same concept for a different pairing. Maybe because sometimes you wake up in blue or pink and purple. Sometimes you are on the sun!

About Us

The 2nd March 2018 begins the new journey. Cesare Zacchetti and the Autumn / Winter cute-Collection: created in detail and full of emotions. Nine pieces unique in their kind. The first bold step of a wonderful experience designed in Milan and handmade in the heart of Italy.

This online store is added to our phisical shop opened in Via Roma 33 in Sesto Calende as well as directly on out Amazon Shop. Purchases on our site are safe: the cesarezacchetti.com the website that you are browsing is certified (SSL) and then insured. Furthermore it’s also possible to conclude your purchase through Paypal as well as by classic interbank circuits (credit cards). We are available calling or mailing our customer service for further details.


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